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Hello and welcome to If These Walls Could Talk. My name is C.E. Scott. I hail from Paterson, NJ. I recently teamed up with Ski Publishing to publish my debut novel, A.S.K, but currently, I am enslaved at the New Jersey State Prison. Since incarceration, writing has been a creative outlet to express my fictional and nonfictional thoughts to the public.

I have always screamed my innocence since day one, but I am not going to front like I am some angel either. 


Let thee without sin cast the first stone.


I can proudly admit that I advocate for missing children and want those who live by the standards of liberty, freedom, and justice for all to stand by those words to fight for freedom and find our lost children.


If These Walls Could Talk a commentary column based on many problems plaguing incarcerated individuals who are often left without a voice or opinion, from unhealthy living conditions, suicide, overdoses, and mental health deterioration. All hidden from the public, yet the numbers are astronomical, mimicking the Blockbuster Film, "Life" starring Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence, when the enslaved disappeared.


I hope that promoting healthy conversations about problematic prisons could bring some resolve instead of the current savage slavery program called the Unjustified Prison System within America.


Stay tuned...





                   Balance / It's a Difference When You're Different.




Hear yee Hear yee! January sixth protestors were Americans protecting their Right to Freedom or upset at the results of an election? Because what part of protesting for freedom, or lack thereof, has many angry people rioting and ripping things to shreds? They weren't looting; instead, they destroyed the House of Representatives' offices and put everyone in the building in harm's way, including former Vice President Mike Pence.

Where are all of these protestors today? Not incarcerated; whereas there are still in jail from the Freddy Gray riots in Baltimore, people are still detained from the Missouri riots from the killing of Mike Brown. Hmmm... Balance? Maybe I'm tripping. I mean, Tamir Rice? No, Elijah McClain? No, okay, forget the balance. The tale of the tape seems to tilt towards others.

For instance, the killing of Jordan Neely on the New York City Subway. It reminded me of the killing of George Floyd and Eric Gardner. Being choked to death and the medical examiner labeling it a homicide, the balance tilted to justified killing until someone made noise.

I guess the difference is when you are different, like the victims...hint, hint...There is simply no balance on the beam. Free the Official!

Clarence E. Scott. Ski Pub/ LMG.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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