Hell Of A Book by Jason Mott tells the tale of an author on a book tour promoting his book, and while you might think, ok, why read a book about an author's book tour? Well, the author has a clever way and witty of making a point. The novel is sometimes a comical but enlightening look into being black in America, but again, it is more than that as it tackles other topics such as fear, colorism, and much more. Whereas as the reader, you are in a constant tug of war of the author's reality versus the conscience, and at times it did confuse me, but Hell Of A Book made for quite an enjoyable read.

4 Stars
Reviewed by Kisha Green for Literary Jewels
Review Copy Supplied by Publisher.


What White People Can Do Next by Emma Dabiri is an easy to read book on the ever so taboo topic of racism. After the murder of Georg Floyd, many people finally felt comfortable speaking out on these racist crimes that have been committed for many years. With Dabiri's latest literary effort, she is not pointing a finger, but she wants people to be held accountable. No, it is not everyone's fault with what has happened in the past or what could occur. Still, her book offers a realistic approach to identifying a problem and privilege that allows many to get away with things, should not be the case, and people need to admit faults and see change. Dabiri's book offers realistic approaches instead of pointing fingers at what is wrong but offering resolve on what could be possibly done to improve situations. For those reasons, I think that readers will enjoy this book.

4 Stars
Reviewed by Kisha Green for Literary Jewels
Review Copy Supplied by Publisher.


Learning The Hard Way tells the story of Noah, son of the legendary OG Zab, who is faced with some tricky situations that force him into the street life he has been at odds with. Through this epic journey, he is going to learn the hard way. This movie shows you about life and choices made and what reactions come as a result. I am a fan of the work from director, Silk White and his films and series always have a villain or villains that makes you hate them. 

In the follow-up, Learning The Hard Way 2 continues where part one is left off as Noah, the son of a notorious street gangster, is trying to do better, except that his family’s past has put him and his girlfriend on a treacherous path. This sequel was an outstanding follow-up. The movie was easy to follow; in some instances, it was predictable, but the plot was executed and kept my attention.



Silk White


Shaunii Arcé

Arischa Conner

Chadwick Lamont

Chadwick Pressley



Jagged Edge is back with A JAGGED LOVE STORY and their 10th studio album packed with 31 songs all written by Brian and Brandon Casey. This is great and a true fan of JE, this is a great comeback from their previous independent release, The Hangover. Featured on the project are the previously released singles “Closest Thing to Perfect”, “Genie”, and “Decided”. Also on “A Jagged Love Story” is the beautiful Bryan-Michael Cox produced ballad “Season of Us”.

From beginning to end this is classic JE but also some new JE as well. As we have grown to know and love are the twins Brandon and Brian Casey’s musical range as they can speed it up and slow it down. These tracks will take you on a trip and show the highs and lows of being in love. From the early stages of dating taking listeners to making changes to your last name official. “I’m talkin’ for good, I ain’t talkin bout no lease.” As the twins croon on “If You Let Me”

5 Stars


Nas released   his new album, titled King’s Disease. A whole 38 minutes, the 13-track LP follow up to the 2018’s Nasir and hears production entirely handled by Hit-Boy. This album just screams black pride and power and even educates you on how to cure the “King’s Disease” aka Gout.#GottaLoveIt  


Also which was cool was that  Nas  welcomed some young fresh faces into his world as he teams up with Brookyln’s  new comer and fan favorite, Fivio Foreign, for a New York feel on the track, "Spicy," that also features ASAP Ferg. Also featured is Lil Durk, Big Sean, Don Toliver, Charlie Wilson, Anderson. Paak, and more.


The jewel on this was hearing from THE FIRM- that’s right Nas, Cormega, Foxy Brown and AZ. They all sounded fire and lyrically we all fell in love with the firm again, I was wondering where Nature was but collectively the four did not disappoint.

5 Stars.