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✨12:12 ✨

Did you notice today's date is 12/12 See what the Bible says about today's date.🙏🏽

Genesis 12:12. You will not die you will live.🙏🏽

Exodus 12:12. You will Passover danger in your life.🙏🏽

Deuteronomy 12:12. You and your household will be joyful in God's presence.🙏🏽

Joshua 12:12. You will defeat all your enemies.🙏🏽

1 Samuel 12:12. A new and a better king will rule in your life.🙏🏽

2 Samuel 12:12. The evil plans of your enemies will be made public.🙏🏽

1 Kings 12:12. Your favours shall return back to you🙏🏽

2 Kings 12:12. You will build your own house.🙏🏽

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