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🎤 A REVIEW OF RESPECT: The Aretha Franklin Story by Marlon McCaulsky

I watched this film last weekend and it was good. Not as great as I wanted it to be. Especially when it's in the same Realm as the Chadwick Boseman Get on Up James Brown story or Jamie Foxx's Ray.

But this film did do a good job of taking the audience through the early years of her childhood and career. I didn't know about her early life trauma or the broken home she came up in. I couldn't help but think that if mental health awareness would have been a lot stronger back then it could have helped healed a lot of her trauma. Jennifer Hudson has evolved into even more impressive A-list actress. Her skills as an actress is almost as impressive as her powerful vocals. She played the role with nuance and class.

Forest Whitaker was of course good as her father who had major flaws. I've never seen Marlon Wayans in a role like this and he was quite good in my opinion. There were no particular weak performances in the film.

The film felt about 30 minutes too long or this could have been bad pacing. After two hours I was ready for the film to wrap up but it keep going. There were a few story points in the film that were brought up but never really fleshed out and it felt like it was vague on purpose. I would have rather they not bring those things up at all if they weren't going to see it through.

Jennifer Hudson's musical performances as Aretha Franklin were spot-on. All in all this was a good film. I just wish it was a bit tighter in script and editing.

Overall I do recommend this film.

Grade 🅱️ ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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