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Black Nerd Conspiracy by Marlon McCaulsky

Growning up can be such a bummer. After 30 odd years, it just dawn on me that one of my favorite characters from the Silverhawks cartoon was a black guy named "Hot Wing" 😑 First the Dukes Of Hazard, then Bill Cosby, now this?

Black Nerd Conspiracy

Y'all have seen him. And some of y'all even loved him But they tried to slip this brother by us like we didn't see the subtle shot. If you don't know who I am talking about, then let me introduce you to ...

HOT WING...(*Brother Umar Johnson voice*) Excuse me, Excuse me..I beg your pardon?

Yeah that's right. The brother dressed head to toe in solid gold named after a 10 piece and fries special.

Everyone on the Silver Hawks had cool names like, Quicksilver, Steelheart, Steelwill, Bluegrass, Cooper kidd, flashback, Moon Stryker and Condor. And each name represented each person's ability or look.

So of all the names in the galaxy to call the only brother on the Silver Hawks they chose to call him Hot Wing. Did his wings catch on Fire?..Nope! So I don't know what the name HOT WING has to do with a brother who was a magician dressed in all gold.

I guess he was extra spicy or something because he had some flames on his exposed thigh and arm. I'm surprised they didn't let the brother fly out with a cup of ranch dressing or blue cheese too.

And to take it to another level, get this. His fighting bird was named....Yup, you guessed it..GYRO.

Not PYRO..but GYRO. How many GYRO, wing and fries restaurants do you see in the black community?

The more I think about it, Hot Wing always said his powers were magic. So you mean to tell me, you had a magical negro named Hot Wing on this show the whole time? Wow.... just wow.

My childhood is in crisis. Stop playing in my face. 😤

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