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Black Uno by Marlon McCaulsky

UNO Black Rules- How you really play.

I don't know what it is about us Black people but we just do things different. I have a theory that because historically the rules have always been stacked against us that we purposely find a way to change the game.

That's the same philosophy we use when we play Uno. This is a game we've all played since childhood. A game that black folks love to play in our household. Somewhere along the way we decided to change the rules for the better. Yes we know the traditional rules and that's fine for kids but as adults we had to make the game fire!

Before I play Uno with you I gotta know what rules you play by. Cause some of y'all be jacking the game up! Folks be making up their own house rules and then be expecting you to play by that like it's cool! If you get hit by a Draw 2 off the deal don't mean you can throw another card down. And if I put a Draw 2 on top of another one yes that means you gotta pick up 4 cards or whatever multiple of 2 for each draw card 2 or wild Draw 4! Don't get brand new around here! Been plenty folk shanked over some Uno so don't try it. Here are some general rules.

Doubles and Triples

You can put down two or three cards of the same number, reverse symbol, skip symbol, wild symbol, and draw symbol as long as they follow the same color or number of the top card


You are allowed to stack draw two cards and draw 4 cards on top of each other, and let the stacking continue until someone doesn’t have a drawcard. If the stack stops on you, you have to draw that number of stacked cards and your turn is skipped.

Deal 7 Cards

We are dealing 7 cards to each person that plays as stated in the instructions. Not 5, not 9, not 13, we are dealing 7! We have to abide by at least one standard rule of the game. This is that rule.

You have one-second maximum to say, UNO

Or if you want to be flexible at least until the next person touches the deck.

If you have one card left in your hand, you have one-second maximum to call out UNO before someone at the table calls you out for not saying it. Or at least before the next person pulls their card from the deck. Failure to do so results in picking up two cards from the deck.

Talking trash is a must.

Listen in real life we're all friends or family but when we're playing Uno, I don't know you. You can be a wife, husband, sister, brother, child, grandkid, cousin, niece, nephew twice removed, or friend, I'mma talk mad shit about your game, especially if I'm winning.

Alcohol makes the game better.

The rules are simple if you get skipped take a shot. If somebody hits you with a draw too you take two shots and just like in stacking if you have multiple draw twos or Draw Four you have to take that many shots. The rules get kind of fuzzy as a game progresses.

An Uber will be called for you at the end of the night. Enjoy the game.

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