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Book Distribution Opportunity

Authors! If you need distribution for your book, please let us know. We’re honored to give our incarcerated readers across the US access to your work and we want to provide them with the biggest and best selection possible 🙂 For all you authors that already have the prisons on lock with your books, we can help you too (now or later but inevitably). Selling just ONE COPY of your book to just ONE PERCENT (1%) of the incarcerated reading audience a month is slightly over 23,000 copies (a month) sold.

If anyone has already established themselves so well that they’re already selling thousands and thousands of books every month to inmates, then you’re right, you “don’t need us” and you guys rock! (Projection would indicate more than 1% of inmate readers will choose to purchase a 21st Street Distribution title ebook over a snack cake or soda- but we went with the lowest estimate for the sake of a simple example) 😶

Any author who isn’t independently selling thousands of copies of their book every month to incarcerated readers and would like their book electronically (and paperback) offered directly on the reader’s inmate tablet and the READER please contact me at

Our inmate tablet rollout is coming 2023 and we hope your title is offered. We want our readers to have the best literary choices available to them and if you think they will enjoy your work, let us know. We would love to give them the opportunity to purchase directly on their tablet for their convenience and reading pleasure. 21st Street Urban Editing & Publishing, LLC

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