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Book Review: WORTHY

Worthy is NOTHING like I assumed it would be. It's very well written. It's visual, like a cinematic journey. There's a lot of pain involved in Jada's upbringing and background. Yes, she is raw and honest, and I wouldn't have it any other way. This book will help people. It forces the reader to examine their journey and painful experiences and gives a voice to those things - to empower them.

People say, "She talks too much." Well, who on earth can decide the barometer of what's too much? It's her life, her journey, her story. Everybody had a story to tell. If some choose to skimp on details of their bigger-than-life experiences, that's on them. But she is raw and unfiltered.

And guess what? She does not care about the social media chitter-chatter and disparaging remarks against her. Jada is a strong woman who has been through some unbelievable situations. It's fascinating and emotional as I read.

I do not hate Jada. I don't know her. It would be wasted energy. Please don't hate on her. Read the book with an open mind. I dare you.

Review by: Cydney Rax

4 Stars

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