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Books Are A Business

Allow me to re-introduce myself...

I am Kisha "Literary Diva" Green and if you really know me then you know that when it comes to literary I am all over it. I review books, I blog about books, interview people who write books and assist people who want to turn their literary dreams into published realities. 

So with my new position as Author Distribution Coordinator at 21st Street Urban Publishing Group, I am still educating many on the business of self publishing but on a larger scale with distribution in the prison system with a untapped market of 2.3 million NEW readers, so  I am always available for a consultation, email me -

Publishing is MORE than a nice cover, a ISBN and a file upload to Amazon/Ingram Spark. To successfully publish a novel, it requires extensive knowledge of the business, knowing your target audience, effective networking, marketing, promotion, thorough proofreading, copyright AND most importantly the hiring of a QUALITY & PROFESSIONAL editor. I  still see many skipping a few steps...






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