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Business As Usual

This Kelis - Beyoncé situation shows you why so many people stay losing.

Y’all handle stuff from an emotional standpoint, rather than handling your financial business.

You would prefer a phone call publicly about something you don’t own, over the person quietly adding you to the product to get paid.

ie, I want to claim the block, and everyone respect that I’ve been there for 20 years, but not work to own it…. Then get mad when it’s gentrified.

This year, and beyond, be about your BUSINESS.

Not handling your financial (business) will have you emotional, and bleeding on people that didn’t even cut you.

Most of y’all really despise Beyoncé, but she did nothing wrong. If anything, she gave Kelis a bag.

No matter what hand you were dealt, play it to the best of your ability in order to win in life, until it’s time to pull from the deck.

For the record;

Beyoncé didn’t legally or ethically owe Kelis anything. She was solid enough to put her on the album credits for a 5 second sample that she doesn’t even own. More importantly, you wouldn’t even realize what song it was without the credits.

That’s how bleak the interpolation is.

If your creative, and what you do is that important, put in the work to control your narrative and it’s outcome.

If your song is “played for decades,” why wouldn’t you work to retain the rights so that your kids can eat from that?

Cue Ashanti.

Again, be about your business.

No matter what business you’re in.

Don’t cry about how others are winning in a game (and say it’s rigged when) you barely practice/train in it, and you wont even show up when the whistle is blown.

Eventually, people that are playing the game will let you sit on the sidelines and continue to play yourself.

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