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Clickbait Review

Clickbait is the new limited series from Netflix that involves a family man Nick Brewer who is kidnapped and then posting online with a sign stating that after 5 million views, he will die. His family race against time to figure out who, why, and how.

Let me first say that I thought I had it figured out by episode three, and then by the fifth episode, another suspect. This series had so many different dynamics that left me, the viewer shaking my head. It was so emotionally accurate but also dead-on with human behaviors, especially in a cyber age where online you can be anyone you want, so catfishing is popular. Clickbait is not your typical whodunit, and the ending had me with my mouth wide open because I did not see that coming. It was also to see Adrian Grenier in a diverse role compared to his days on the popular series, Entourage and his costar Betty Gabriel. The last time I saw her in the sunken place waiting for a teacup to be tapped in the award-winning thriller, Get Out. I rate Clickbait 5 stars!

Reviewed by Kisha Green

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