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Don't Force Friendships by Sy-Asia

Not Included, Not Invited, Not part of the Plan, Never part of the plan, Not Told, Suddenly became a Convenience, Just an option, Can't with you but can with others, Let you down or disappointed you, Jump for others, Celebrate others & not you, Show up for others & not you, Support others but not you, Give others their flowers for the same things you do, Never come through for you, but you're the 1st person they lean in on when they need something when they don't reciprocate the same energy level as you do or give you none in return.

Realize real friends include you, & it doesn't have to be all the time but at least some of the time. Real friends don't use the love they know you have for them to use you when they need something or when it's convenient for them.

Go where you're appreciated! Stop giving and going above and beyond to those who don't give you the same energy. Those people that, when it comes to you, never initiate, never ask, and always have an excuse & a reason why they can't.

Never Force Yourself to fit in, be included, invited, thought of, or be a part of anyone's life!

People do what they instead do with who they instead do it.

Beg no one.

Chase, no one!

Know who your real friends are & who are just acquaintances!

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