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Florida Evans was the real Villain on Good Times by Marlon McCaulsky

We all grew up watching reruns of Good Times or some love you all watched it when it aird. Unpopular opinion: I never really enjoyed watching Good Times as a kid.

It was never a good time 😞

For the life of me I can never understand how they can never get out of the projects. But now we're watching it as an adult I clearly see why they would never able to escape. Florida Evans was the real villain of the show and her holier than thou attitude ultimately cost poor James Evans his life. Dying broke in the projects.

I didn't make this but (Mad Skillz did)

does he have a point tho.

"I may get crucified for this but its how I feel.(just jokes) 🤷🏾‍♂️ I grew up in a similar father tho. And I NEVER IN MY LIFE seen a woman with this many morals. EVERRR BRUH. Being that poor and having those kind of morals never made sense to me. Black Jesus brought yall good luck? You made James take him down. James finds 5k? You make him give it back. They wanted yo ass to star in a PAID Vita Brite commercial? You didnt do it cuz it had alcohol in it. James going to the pool hall cuz yall bout to get evicted? You made him put the pool stick back. They pass JJ up to the 12th grade? You made him go back to the 11th. Preacher wanted to take James on the road to do the "Im healed" scam? You made him stay home. The projects were not the villain of this show. FLORIDA WAS. YOU WERE THE BIGGEST HATER ON TELEVISION." 😂😂😂

Example of Florida being toxic:

James Evans: Florida, I found this winning lottery ticket for $100,000. We made it baby!

Florida Evans: James, that's not our blessing. That belongs to someone else. Now take it to the police station. Maybe someone will claim it.

James: I'll drop it off when I leave my second job on my way to my third job.

Florida: That's the man I know and love. I'll be here sitting on my azz waiting for you to get home.

What James should have done: James should have went out for milk and never came back.


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