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Happy New Year 🥳🎉


As we approach the end of 2022, here are some things I don't want you to bring into 2023, the @iamcharronmonaye edition......

1. Don't come into my DM trying to sell me something as soon as I accept your friend request. I don't need another business and I will delete you without thought...

2. If you are new to an industry, please research before you knock. In today's society, people work with people who's ready, not eager!!

3. Remember, your first impression is your last. So how you interact with people, will be used against you if they are asked about you. Their experience is the truth. One bad experience can have you blackballed before you start.

4. Stop submitting the first draft of your manuscript as your final manuscript for editing. Always proofread your content before submission. You are judged heavily by your writing, especially if you praise that you are a writer.

5. Don't sign up for any publishing, coaching, business, etc., if you know you can't pay or your life is too busy, and then hold up the process. The day of delaying your purpose is over. And wasting people's time... not good business!!!

6. Stop making every relationship transactional. Trust me, you've missed a lot of great opportunities because you treated that person as a client or customer, instead of a person who has resources.

7. Make sure your publisher, is qualified to publish as I will no longer be cleaning up other folks work. Pay the right person the first time, and be great faster. Cheap is not always right.

8. Learn your states!! If you local, and trying to go regional or global, learn the business structure there. Cause, trust me NOBODY in big business does things on a local scale. So what you used to do, is irrelevant.

9. Lead with learning, not feelings!!! Feelings make you sick, learning evolves you!!

And 10. Support just as much as you Request. Life is a 2 way street. Takers don't last long.

Bonus: Enjoy life, and do everything on your bucket list!! As tomorrow is not promised, so be better, brighter, and bolder in 2023. But do it all with integrity, intellect, and intention. The day of just doing because you can, is over. Launching for Likes are over!! #thinkbigger

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