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Her Black Is Beautiful by Marlon McCaulsky

I've noticed a few posts from Black men talking about Lauren London's body. Making feeble and quite frankly weak minded attempts to body shame her when she's clearly a woman with a real body. She's thicc and fine. She is not the character New-New from 17 years ago. She is a grown 38-year-old woman with two kids. Who hasn't had a BBL or any obvious surgical enhancements. She's living her best life with a natural body. This is how real women in the real world looks like who take care of themselves. You're so use to the fake surgically altered female physique that you have no idea how to appreciate natural beauty. Lauren London has become even more beautiful as a grown woman. Little boys don't know how to appreciate real beauty. Seriously grow up and stop thinking the girls you follow on IG with BBL are going to look the same way in ten years. Give Lauren, her flowers for keeping it 💯 🌹

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