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I Paid Attention

I Paid Attention

I paid attention when I wasn’t treated the same.

I paid attention when I didn’t get the invite.

I paid attention when I didn’t get a Thank you.

I paid attention when I didn’t get the Apology.

I paid attention when a room would go silent when I entered.

I paid attention when folks believed lies about me & never asked me.

I paid attention when they didn’t show up for me.

I paid attention when important life events didn’t even get a phone call or text.

I paid attention to the disrespect & yes I took it personal!

So now I choose my peace EVERY time. I raised the bar for who has the pleasure to be around MY SPIRIT. DONE fighting spirits that were created to take me off course...

I have NO time for negative people or things in my life.

You ONLY get one life, be happy & stay blessed!

#Iamstillpayingattention I know who’s who & what’s what! #REPOST

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