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Is Tubi Taking Over?

Have I grabbed your attention? Well, there is some truth to the title because, for many independent writers and filmmakers, Tubi provides a platform for many to turn their dreams into feature film realities.

In the last four years, Tubi entered the scene and quietly built a catalog of black independent films, and this was needed, especially if you were a viewer tired of the typical Netflix and chill. In contrast, Tubi showed movies with people of color from all over, and some were natural, and others needed to take a few acting classes, but they had a story to tell. Tubi gave them a platform when others treated the film industry like a gated community where only the elite was allowed entrance.

Tubi showcases diverse talent combined with the programming of 40,000 films and television series from over 250 providers, including Fox and its affiliates, with over 65 million monthly active users.

Tubi has become the home to a lot of actors and actresses that have become fan favorites, such as Jamal Woolard, Mena Monroe, Murda Pain, Kaamal Hasaun, Crystal the Doll, Shelby Leigh, Demaris Harvey, and Markeiva Albritten. These once unknowns have become very familiar, and viewers will agree if Tubi movies are not starring those mentioned, it must not be a good movie.

Enter the plot twist as the beautiful and talented Mena Monroe steps from in front of the camera to behind the camera and writes and directs her film If I Can't. The film becomes the most popular movie on the Tubi (men and women lie, but numbers don't) but also brings actor Tristan Fazekas to becoming the most hated man on Tubi for his role as Scott. Popularity for an indie film was significant, especially for a female in a male-dominated industry. If this is just the beginning, the future looks very bright for Monroe and others like her who wanted to get their films in front of an audience; thanks to Tubi, she got 65 million. Salute!

I watch a lot of Tubi; personally speaking, my film dreams became a reality as I have two films currently streaming on Tubi, Coke Queen and The Last Bet, so I, too, am proof that hard work and resilience pay off, but that wasn't my first time working on a film as I worked a co-editor, and proofer for Tabari Sturdivant's LOVE KARMA currently streaming on digital platforms.

Not only is Tubi supporting the indie film scene but is a massive supporter of series too, as independent filmmaker Silk White has found success with his Black Excellence series as well as his latest blockbuster, All I Want Is You starring Claudia Jordan, Crystal the Doll along with another Tubi fan-favorite, Lemastor Spratling that tells of a woman who is willing to risk it all when another woman tries to take her man.

Fans raved all over social media as they eagerly awaited the sequel. And, of course, once a person enjoys your film, it piques their curiosity to check out other movies by the filmmaker. White is not a one-trick pony as before cinema; he was a best-selling author from NYC who transitioned from books to film with his series The Transporter, and It's Lonely At the Top along with New York Times Best Selling Authors, Nikki Turner's, On Da Run, Tressa "Azarel" Smallwood of MegaMind Media with the release of All In and The Available Wife, and Jaquavis Coleman's; Everything Is Both to name a few.

There's no doubt the creativity and quick production makes Tubi a force to be reckoned with currently. Originally people heard Tubi and thought its low budget, but as of late, that has changed as the quality of films and series has improved. The Dirty D series has a huge following, and Chris Stokes and Marques Houston are leaving their film footprints with the success of The Assistant, Best Friend, No Way Out, and The Stepmother franchise while finding the perfect place for reality star turn-actress Erica Mena, who has mastered the art of playing crazy and psychotic.

Tubi is legit with accompanying hashtags, memes, and Facebook Groups to support movies and dislike for some with complaints stemming from bad wigs, makeup, baby hair, and BBL's gone wrong, who should star in the next Tubi film and more, but one thing for sure is that they are watching, and that is all that matters.

Written by: Kisha Green

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