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Joe Budden Abusive?

A new development has taken place in regard to the abuse allegations against rapper and LHHNY star, Joe Budden. Recently his ex, Tahiry Jose did a interview and claimed he abused her,. Then the plot thickens as a new audio has leaked online and it appears to be Cyn Santana alleging him of abuse too. She then goes on Instagram asking for privacy, saying she owes no explanations and she was betrayed by a “friend” during a time while she was dealing with post party depression. Well everyone isn’t buying the rapper is a woman beater as some have said such as Joey Newton At the end of the day all dude really did was tell black folks on every level, across all industries to remember how valuable YOU are to these companies, and don’t let nobody give you less than you’re worth..

And that’s why you’re hearing/reading rumors today..”

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