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Judging the book by it’s cover by Navi Robins

If a reader can look at your cover and guess what your book is about... You're doing it wrong.

I'm not here to offend, but a reader should be asking questions like the ones below, just by looking at your cover design.

"Ohh, what's this?"

"Hi, what's your book about?"

Reader walking by, looks at your book covers and pauses in front of your table. Drawn in like a moth to a flame by your unique yet enigmatic cover designs.

Once a reader verbally or visually shows interest in your books, only you can f*ck up that sale because your cover design forced a need to have a question answered and it's your job to convince them the only way they can get that answer is by buying your book. But it always start with your cover. ALWAYS.

But if they think they can tell what your book is about by your cover artwork, you've already lost them. No one shops at a new shoe store for Jordans they already bought at another store. They come in looking for something new. A fit they've never experienced. A razzle dazzle that hasn't twinkled their eyes. And they will walk past a pair of shoes they feel are too similar to what they already walked the line in.

Your book cover is your Super Bowl commercial. The front is the hook and synopsis on the back is your closer.

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