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Just My Two Cents by Author Mya

Amazon pays authors less than a penny per page read regarding readers who use Kindle Unlimited.

A lot of authors survive off the money they make from Amazon or have to get 1 or more other jobs while balancing a writing career.

Y’all can hate whatever aspect of the industry you want to… But at the end of the day we write the book we know will pay the bills.

The great thing about this is that there THOUSANDS of authors in the world & Hundreds of genres to choose from. So if you’re tired of something present in every book you read, change genres for your sake and ours.

Authors and readers have a toxic relationship but at the end of the day we should all be moving with love not hate.

I hope y’all stop asking readers what they hate about what you love and just write the books you’re proud of and allow yourself to find the tribe that’ll support it.

Have a blessed day. 🩵

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