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KeKe and Darius


Okay... Final thoughts... For all the guys (and surprisingly the women) who don't understand what's wrong with the whole Darius Whoever & KeKe Palmer situation...

It doesn't matter to any one of us what she wore to the Usher concert or what she did at the Usher concert... The issue is that her boyfriend tried to publicly shame and chastise her. This is a NO, NO! "Praise in Public, Rebuke in Private." That's one of the Top 3 relationship tenets to live by.

Now, personally as a strong Black husband who is the provider and protector of my family, I feel his actions are an even bigger slight to KeKe because he is not her husband and is showing that he may not be husband material. Instead of protecting her publicly, he attacked her. And instead of providing emotional security, he brought undue stress during a time in her life where she is clearly seeking affirmation on her postpartum looks. Now, if you're going to be the head of a family and assume the role of Husband then you need to AT LEAST protect her and provide emotional security, if you're not able to provide financial security. 😕

AND to everyone who is bothered by us having opinions about this and discussing it on social media... 1) Darius invited us into this situation and 2) Welcome to the internet.

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