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Laura Winslow was a TOXIC love interest! By Marlon McCaulsky

We all used to watch Family Matters back in the day and we saw the toxic ways Laura Winslow would treat Steve Urkel. The only side of Urkel, Laura was interested in was the drug induced persona of Stefan. Hear me out, of course we know Steve Urkel in his base form was a nerdy next door neighbor that was in love with Laura. Naturally she gave him no play. He wasn't her type. Fine. Nothing wrong with that but keep that same energy.

It wasn't until Steve was so desperate to win Laura's affection that he used pseudoscience chemical enhancements (drugs) to transform himself into the suave Stefan. That's when Laura became a straight groupie. Stefan/Steve could've smashed her thirsty behind at almost anytime he wanted. Follow me.

But as soon as the drugs wore off and the real Urkel came back out she went back to treating his like trash. So she couldn't accept him for the man he was but was a thot for Stefan. So does this make her a shallow person? Couldn't she try to kick it with Urkel? Because wasn't he deep down inside Stefan anyway?

And if we keeping it a buck, Urkel should have got with Myra. She was down for him from day one! She was into brainy dudes and was fine too. All she wanted was for Urkel to be loyal to her and forget about toxic ass Laura who didn't appreciate him, she only wanted the phony drug influenced split personality of Stefan. And yes, Laura was a very toxic person who treated Urkel like crap for years. Even when Urkel try to warn Laura about her trifling boyfriend Ted who lied and was spreading rumors that he smashed. She broke up with him for a little while and like a bird got right back with him. Even with that disrespect Urkel was still there for her.

In Season 9 episode "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do", he learned that she hated his makeover and demanded that he return to the "sexy" nerd she loved so much, suspenders and all. When Steve refused, Myra broke up with him. Of course, the writers of the show had to make Myra crazy in order to justify why Urkel still wanted Laura.

Ultimately in the show years later it wasn't until another woman wanted Urkel that Laura wanted him too. Laura Winslow may have lived in the suburbs but as the Ghetto Philosophers Future once said, “From the streets did she emerge, and to the streets she will return. And I say unto you, she is for the streets. So be not weary, when she must return from whence she came.”

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