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Lauren London WINS

Lauren London will reportedly receive $5.6 million from Nipsey Hussle's estate for their son and 50 percent of the rapper's Marathon Clothing Company.

Nispey Hussle Estate Finalizes Accounting

On Wednesday (Nov. 1), RadarOnline reported Nipsey Hussle's estate has finalized its accounting, four years after the rapper's tragic death in 2019. According to documents obtained by RO, the estate reports to have over $11 million including several bank accounts with funds totaling $5,997,092. Other assets reportedly include, "100% membership interest in All Money Inc worth $2.4 million, 100% interest in Marathon Studios, 100% interest in The Marathon Touring worth $606,000, 100% interest in The Marathon Clothing Inc worth $271,000 and they estimate Nipsey’s trademark to be worth around $913,00."

Actress Lauren London, who is the mother of Nipsey Hussle's 7-year-old son Kross, will reportedly receive half of the remaining amount. Nipsey Hussle's other son Emani is set to receive the other half.

In addition to receiving money from Nipsey Hussle's estate, Nipsey's brother Blacc Sam revealed back in March that Puma still puts money in a trust fund for the rapper's children.

Read More:Lauren London to Receive $5 Million From Nipsey Hussle's Estate - XXL|


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