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Let's Celebrate!

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

We celebrate the Lakers getting into the playoffs and beating a higher seed. Tiger Woods plays at the PGA ..Masters...Aaron Rodgers gets traded to the New York Jets! Taylor Swift has another number-one hit that I've never heard; OMG! Britney Griner is free from Russia's harsh criminal justice system

and has yet to do any protesting against the unfair Just-Us system in America. Joe Biden wants to run for President again, citing he is just getting started... He said he wants to finish the job, whatever that means. Unhappy people go into schools and banks and shoot innocent people and children.

This happened while Ralph Yarl was on life support for picking up his brothers, unfortunately going to the wrong house. Najee Seabrooks, a nonviolent community activist, is killed by Paterson Police Department. Katlin Gillis and her friends are shot at, and a white gentleman fatally wounds her. Katlin Gillis is white, but unfortunately, they were behind black tints. Missing children of the black and Hispanic cultures are receiving barely any media support on this significant organ and sex trafficking trade. The Memphis Police Department's murderous team of Rogue Officers has turned silent.

Okay, so we are celebrating what exactly? Instead of a celebration for those who have succeeded in their life. How about we honor those surviving this wickedness that gets brushed over for entertainment?

How about we tackle our unfair and unjust Criminal Justice system that has been shown to target certain cultures?

How about giving men and women incarcerated for over 15 years a better chance at life in the World? Especially if their cases were controversial or any evidence of being wrongfully convicted.

I have an idea. How about we celebrate freeing the people of the World who want to make this World better for OUR future?

Just a thought...

C.E. Scott

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