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Love After Death

It's tragic when you see so many deaths day in and day out in our communities. On June 18th the rapper known as xxxTentaction was brutally gunned down as he sat in his vehicle. Up until his death I had never listened to much of his music, and after his demise, I still haven't (I'm not one into showing more interest now that you're deceased) but I see that he had his fans and a following and as always the people who love you more after death. Twenty years young and his mother has to bury him, where is the sense in that? Tragic as it may be I have become somewhat desensitized to hearing young people being murdered (I'm from Newark NJ ) it's sad but after a while, you wake up and wonder "Who got killed?" and not "What's the weather like?".

Here's the flip side to that young man's death...there's three young men in custody that was alleged to have taken part in the incident, once again the system wins, one man dead and three to be gobbled up by the system, mother's crying on both sides, kids growing up without their fathers, cause no matter what kind of monster you are theirs people that love you. What are we doing wrong as individuals, parents, friends, a community, a government? What is driving these kids and young adults to commit such heinous acts? Take a second and absorb that question, we always have a tendency to show people more love in death than we do in life, these kids be doing the most to get the world's attention, look at rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine, this kid has rainbow hair and teeth with tattoos all over his face

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