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Messy Tea by Quincy...

So, Bob Johnson, the founder of BET, which is now America’s first black billionaire since 2000 when he sold BET married his 37-year-old girlfriend of 5 years. Mind you, he is 70 years old. Wait, did I mention that he is a billionaire? Get it, girl. Okaaaaaaay?????

Meanwhile, in the greedy world, Kelis is complaining that  “Nas child support isn’t cutting it anymore” According to TMZ “Kelis filed legal docs saying 8K ain’t cutting it anymore in the child support department.” She says “8-year-old Knight has needs that he didn’t have 5 years ago when the order was put in place.” 

Thoughts??? Is 8K not enough? What is she spending the currently 8K on? Where is her income? Is it Nas responsibility to support their child and she does not have to contribute at all? Shem might want to go into the studio and make another album since she needs money, feel me?

 On to the good news. . .

Reign Ryan Rushing,  made her entrance into the world on 2/8/18 @ 7lbs 7 ounces. Congrats to Toya Wright and her new baby daddy. Amongst family R & B singer and good friend Monica has been by to visit the new mom and baby.

Oh and on to hot and messy news...

So last week Quincy Jones did an interview and spilled a lot of tea and the internet went wild including Tevin Campbell. Many have believed for years that are convinced that Tevin was sexually abused by mentor Quincy Jones, back in the 90s. Tevin only became relevant because Quincy said that  Tevin is one of the most underrated artists ever. Ummm how??? lol Well, Tevin took to Twitter and responded “Tevin was molested by Quincy, GTFOH wit the devil,” Tevin tweeted. So he didn't exactly deny it since he said he was not molested so does that mean he was a willing participant??? lol...Uh oh, it is about to get messy and I am out! Peace!

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