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From Author Trisha Thomas- "It took me a year to write Nappily Ever After. I hoped for enough money from a publisher to buy a new car. My Honda at the time had seen better days. I kept getting rejection letters long after an agent finally said she’d represent me. I got an agent but it still was an insufferable amount of time waiting to hear if a publisher was interested.

Meanwhile, I kept writing to burn off the nervous energy. In that time I wrote a second book. This one still has not seen the light of day and probably never will. That’s the life of writing. There are no guarantees. I finally got Nappily Ever After sold. It was barely enough to buy a new car so I got a used one. I’m going on and on to say, don’t give up.

Regardless of the rejections and exhausting days of tears, keep going. Wherever you land will be your new high. Start there and keep going." ❤️ #writing #mondaymotivation #nappilyseries #amwriting #writerslife

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