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Movie Review: THE PASS by Kisha Green

The Pass is the new movie from power couple Kandi Burress and Todd Tucker. The movie follows Nina and Maurice, a couple from the inside looking to have the perfect life. Great careers, dream homes, friends, family and money. On a day out with the guys, Maurice is convinced that he should get a "pass" from his wife, which includes giving each other a night of infidelity, a "hall pass." While in California on business, Nina drinks too many and has a night of passion with her boss, Terra. After that one night in the lady pond, Nina can't get enough, and her insatiable appetite and guilty conscience make her believe Maurice is cheating and is willing to end her marriage; the only problem is Maurice has filed first and is entitled to nine million as per their prenuptial agreement. The Pass tells a story of lust, desire, and betrayal, and the ending has you questioning everything and everyone. This is a good film and better than I expected. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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