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Navi Talk by Navi Robins

You want to become a published author, but don't know where to start? You first need to figure out if you're a great storyteller or a great writer. Trust me, they are NOT the same. Great storytellers strengths are their imagination. They create the most compelling and unique storylines. Great writers strengths are in their word play. Great writers can wield words like a wizard. Bending them to their will. But in order to become a great author with longevity, you must master both. There's no way around this fact.

Of course great storytellers have seen success, but they are short lived. Example, the author of 50 shades of Grey. Great storyteller, not so great writer, and although she's seen a great level of success, longevity has been a struggle.

Great writer, Sista Soulja. She is a master wordsmith, but her storytelling leaves much to be desired.

Once you can identify where you are the weakest, you can then begin to improve and bring that talent level up to speed. Improving your writing skills takes you improving your vocabulary and understanding how people digest words in the modern era. Just because it's a big or unique word, doesn't mean you should use it. Learn how to show more than tell.

Storytelling can be improved by simply allowing your imagination to run free. Be comfortable in being you. Embrace all your fears, trauma, and insecurities. Cause it is in your imperfections that you'll find the most compelling stories and characters.

Thank you for coming to my Navi Talk. Have a great day on purpose.

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