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New Business Alert!!

Repost from Nisha Yolanda!

Well my babies are LIVE and IM FREAKIN PROUD OF ME!🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

Allow me to re-introduce myself to those that are new to my page.

I have Self Published a few Urban Fiction books, I used to have an online radio show years ago, I am a Graphic Designer that used to only specialize in designing book covers, I am a Photographer that loves a good portrait and family events.

But I am also a Mom of two who co parents and works a full time job. I’ve been up and I’ve been down. I’ve been through it and I’ve gone through it. So I know what it feels like to want something but unsure where to begin.

My page has always been dedicated to show my journey of “pushing through” even when yawl saw me smiling.

It wasn’t until I re connected with my Father, lost him and my Godfather with in a year of eachother is when I started to really pour into me.

I studied. I studied. I studied.

I did the work. The work on me.

And through all of it… Ideas were born and visions were written down and I prayed over them.

So here I am. Giving birth to those ideas.

My first Baby is my Branding Boutique: - I will discuss Logo Development, Book Cover Branding for Authors and I offer Branding Consultations, oh and Notary Services for the state of Georgia.


My second baby is my Official Podcast!! - Koffi Thoughts!! If you followed me, I hashtag this years ago. Well its about to be on! Im about to inspire and motivate the heck out of people whether you like it or not! Ha!!


Oh its already been approved for Spotify, Amazon music and Pandora.

My third baby is my Photography website. Still in construction mode.

Yup! Prices went up, cause I’m certified in a lot of things.

But my passion is to inspire. To motivate. To help.

THANK YOU to everyone who has ever rocked with me creatively!! I APPRECIATE YAWL SO MUCH!!

Feels good!


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