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Pamela- A Love Story (Review) by Marlon McCaulsky

So my wife and me watched the Pamela Netflix Documentary and it was fascinating and disturbing as hell.

Even though I remember a lot of the events that happened it was still crazy to see how Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee were treated. Yes they were celebrities but they're also human. It was disgusting to see how they were treated by the paparazzi and the general Media.

It was demoralizing, morally unethical, and exploitative. Imagine if someone broke into your home stole a safe and released your most personal moments with your significant other on the internet and you didn't make a dime off of it? And this happened before social media.

I was mad they dropped the lawsuit against the people who made money off of their s.e x. tape.

The couple eventually dropped the suit, apparently exhausted by the legal wrangling. Pamela, a Love Story shines a light on the legal argument that exhausted them so.

In court, Gauthier’s lawyers argued that Anderson had no right to privacy because she was a Playboy star; she had exposed her naked body to the world before, of her own free will, and so she should have no problem with it being exposed now, against her will. That argument would be unimaginable by today's standards but that's what happened back in the '90s. Anyway I highly recommend that you guys check this out.

Grade 🅰️

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