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Pay It Forward: William Fredrick Cooper Style


The reason why I had a computer to write stories with, the reason why I was nationally published, the reason why I enjoyed modest literary notoriety, the reason why I decided to give this a go once more, is because of the woman in the pictures below. God gives you blessings and sometimes you don't know how blessed you are while being blessed. And in hindsight, you see clearly. Some feelings bring a warm smile to your face, others are regretful, even more make you determined to finish the composition for the orchestra and make it as beautiful as Handel's Water Music.

It's very hard for me to describe what Kristina LaFerne Roberts means to me. When she announced she was a little under the weather the other day on her page (please stop by and send well-wishes) my heart stopped. Not only because of worry, but selfishly, I pray to God that she will finally see what she always told me about come to fruition.

I owe Zane the breath of my literary life. She gave me an opportunity to flourish, and believed in me and the little talent God gave me more than I did myself. While at Strebor Books, she looked after me as if I were family.

The only way I can thank her, Charmaine Roberts Parker and others that published under the Strebor umbrella is with what I’ve prayed about during this second act. I owe them all greatness. Along with keeping the promises to my deceased parents, Zane Strebor is the single most important reason why I've picked up a pen again after ten years. I feel an obligation to validate her belief in me and what she saw more than two decades ago as we packed up books together for Drum and Spear after a literary conference at the University of Maryland's Nyumburu Cultural Center, way back when Aaliyah was still alive. And with steely determination and humility, I'm making myself ready in EVERY WAY to walk through fire to prove her right.

From the depths of my core, I am grateful for everything you did for me, Kristina. I promise my latter will be greater. And I pray that God gives me enough to Thank You with Interest.

STEEL AND STONE, William. Let it all go once the mission is complete.

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