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Publishing Tip


Since today is Author's Day, I am going to give a free Author tip!! Please make sure you understand that there is a difference in Publishing and Distribution!!! #BasicPublishing101

However, this year I have learned and has been in called to "clean up", what some of these publishing companies are calling "publishing contracts".

I had one that became a client, solely because her publisher was truly only a distributor. Hence, he was not responsible for cover, editing, typesetting, etc. Whatever you send, he was submitting!!

I had another that became a client because their publisher was only a publisher, not a distributor. Hence, they did all of the publishing services, but the distribution process and submitting the files was the author's job!!

Now I know some of yall parade self-publishing, others who have published 1 or 2 books in KDP are now claiming "publisher" status, and a few who actually hire companies, but if you are an author do your homework before you sign contracts with folks!!! As much as I know, eat, sleep, and breathe books, I am not the clean up woman! LOL... as much as you are paying these people, why should you have to hire or ask for help for something your "pubilsher should be doing"!!!

And if you are thinking to yourself, "Well, Charron do you do both".. ummm yes!! We do it all... Publishing and Distribution are apart of all contracts!!! Even though they are 2 different jobs, you can't have 1 without the other!!!

You Can Thank Me Later!!!

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