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Respecting R&B Legends by Marlon McCaulsky

It occurred to me after watching the Billie Holiday film that some of our biggest and talented female R&B artist in history never got the respect that they deserved. And those that did fell victim to drug abuse, physical abuse, or government/industry trying to undermine or destroy their careers.

Some of these pitfalls were self inflicted in some cases. But outside forces wheater it be the media or industry executives exasperated situations.

Billie Holiday fell to drugs and the FBI.

Etta James suffer from drug addiction and racism in the industry.

Whitney Houston, while she did achieve mega success, ultimately succumbed to drug addiction and scrutinizing from the media.

That's why we celebrate Beyoncé Knowles-Carter success. She not only avoided the pitfalls of drug addictions but also excelled in an industry that has historically and purposely tried to undermine and blackball careers. (Janet Jackson Superbowl performance) That's why Beyoncé every success is built on the backs of those legends that came before her and opened the doors.

That's why Beyoncé is now in the position of so much power and influence in her career today. She can be as Black as she wants in her music and sell millions. I only wish the racist idiots (FBI aka the KKK) back in Billie Holiday's days could see her now. Every Grammy, NAACP, Billboard, Soul Train, MTV, American Music Award she wins is a middle finger to all of them and a honor to the women who came before her. #BlackExcellence #blackgirlmagic

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