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Royalty... Meghan & Harry: Fairytales Do Exist...

So they say that unlike many others in the royal court, Harry married for love. I was definitely getting goosebumps from the way he was looking at her during their nuptials yesterday. At least it had me thinking about finding my one true love. We are all hoping for a baby next year from the Prince and Princess.

While many have commented on Meghan's choice of dress, I thought it was elegant and beautiful. The material of it all is minor when you're becoming a princess. Heck, to have been wearing the dress at all is a miracle since most blind dates don't work out.

Anyway, Prince Harry and Princess Meghan melted the hearts of millions yesterday during their televised wedding as we saw an American marry into Royalty. This taught me that when love is from the heart it, never matters what the people think.

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