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Screenwriting 101

SCREENWRITING 101: When a producer or someone wants to take a look at your story and they ask to see a “One Sheet” this is what they are mostly looking for:

1. Title.

2. Your name and contact info.

3. The Logline/Genre.

4. A section about why your vision matters (keep it brief!)

5. Three paragraph story summary. (The Three-Act Structure)

5. A closing sentence about why you think this idea will succeed in the market.

Most of the time, unless you have that connection with a producer, you just can’t just throw your script at them and expect them to read it. The last thing they will do in the beginning process is read the script. You have to create a package for all your scripts if you want someone to take you serious. That is why I teach you guys the art of screenwriting from A-Z from three-act structure, logline/synopsis, character development, query letters, Treatments to Pitch Decks. You must treat every screenplay you written like a business! Or… you just going to be complaining all the time and then quit!

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