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Sheree Whitfield of RHOA 🍑 Peach has been revoked?

So here is the tea. From what I just read Sheree Whitfield of The Real Housewives of Atlanta 🍑peach has been revoked! 

So, Sheree’s con artist man (Tyrone Gillman) whom is locked behind bars has caused her to be kicked off the show. Why? Because the cameras of RHOA can’t go in the jail, or around the jail. 

If you were in her shoes would you lose your spot on the show, or leave him? He’ll be incarcerated for five years?

HM..Ponder on that! 

Any who, let me get off line and go woosah....

#RHOA #PeachRevoked #ShereeWhitfield #IWillMissHer #Bummer #CelebrityGossip

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