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Stay Woke by Aaron Bebo

I don't know if it's going to be 24 or 25, but you will see Covid in front of a number again soon. While everyone was being distracted looking for a woman. Who they never showed footage of in the restaurant she was last seen or release a 911 call. But they want everyone looking for her. When are we going to recognize we are being played? Go to the Alabama website for missing people and see how many people have gone missing that you never heard about!

Meanwhile, as everyone is looking for this black woman. Another black woman was talking about depopulation. How we need to depopulate for cleaner water and fresher air. Then this other black woman reappears during the hours most people are sleep. WAKE UP!

Joe Biden knows he can no longer depend on the black vote, so what does he do? He allows immigrants to enter or remain in the country. Not only that, if you are black you will recognize an increase in Hispanic people being placed in your neighborhoods. This is all by design.

African-American people have to wake up for real. Stop following these fake media outlets. We were groomed by our parents and grandparents to believe things that are untrue. Rather than admitting they were wrong or misinformed. Many will disrespect or slander those of us that challenge these untruths with simple logic. We will be the crazy ones!

Years ago, I told people what was going to happen to African American people what was going to happen concerning a certain genre in literature if they did not separate themselves from the nonsense that was being pushed. I was called a hater, crazy and so many other things. People were fake beefing with me. But today you look at the publishing industry concerning blacks. Everything I said was true. Where are the major deals authors were receiving? Where are the buyers of the hundreds of thousands of books that were being sold at market rate? They have been replaced by people who will not pay a standard rate for your work and the industry has dried up in terms of quality. You can get a new book from a new author every week. But you won't receive they quality of work that made you love the genre. Everything I said came to pass, it is living proof right now.

What I am telling you now take as a warning. We as black people we are being targeted and there is a plan to eliminate us. They will continue to use sensitive topics to distract us and have the unaware arguing with the aware as they are insensitive. While they push agendas that are going to have us all in danger. I urge you to go back and look for the new policies being pitched that is going to effect you and push back against it!

We are at risk as black people. We need to unify and stop spending our dollars with or in these businesses. Our grandparents and other elders did one thing that was right. They stopped spending their money with those discriminating against them and laws changed. We need to stand together in unity and stop spending our money and working for a government that is trying to kill us. If you stop supporting these business and save your money. You will be able to quit your job. Start your own business and get the rights you truly deserve. Once you walk away from these people who are trying to kill you. They are poisoning the food causing cancer and other disease. I can go on with so many other things FACTS on so many other topics. But if I keep going I'm just going to seem insensitive or crazy. I urge the woke to contact me and let's build. I understand that in order for there to be revolution . You must first be prepared to take out your own first. There will be many that look like us who will have to be detached. To reach an absolute justice.

All I'm going to say is this, if you believe that you went missing. Your absence would be reported as CNN. Keep thinking I'm crazy, but if you know your local news may not run the story for a few days. Go research these new policies that are being developed and prepare to push back!


Aaron Bebo

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