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The Female Agenda in the MCU by Marlon McCaulsky

What cracks me up about certain people being mad about an alleged female agenda in the MCU is that for the first 23 movies in the MCU all the lead roles were white straight males. You didn't seem to have a problem then? Was that not a white male agenda for those first 23 films?

It wasn't until Black Panther that they had an actor of color in a leading role and then Captain Marvel was the first woman in a leading role. Since then, we've had women and leading roles, Black Widow, WandaVision, Ms. Marvel, and She-Hulk. Including Captain Marvel that's a total of 5 female in leading roles, not counting and with Black Panther Wakanda Forever, that make 6.


Compared to 23 movies with straight white men as the leading actor. These are female characters that have existed in the Marvel comic books for decades; not made up for the screen. And even during those six women lead actors films and TV shows you still had more white men in leading roles in films and TV shows. (Doctor Strange 2, Thor: Love & Thunder, Loki, Hawkeye) But some fragile men see the introduction of women in leading roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as an agenda. An female elitism agenda.

But it wasn't an elitism agenda when it was all white males? 🤦🏾‍♂️

That's hilarious. 😂

So when I here some say, MsheU, it really shows their insecurities. This is not saying that you can't not like a film with a female lead. Just make sure it's based on the film itself and not your own shortcomings.


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