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They Cloned Tyrone -Review by Marlon McClauskey


Synopsis: (John Boyega, Jamie Foxx and Teyonah Parris) A pulpy, sci-fi mystery caper in which an unlikely trio investigates a series of eerie events, alerting them to a nefarious conspiracy lurking directly beneath their hood. Fontaine, a neighborhood drug dealer, is shot dead and then is very shocked to wake up in his bed the next morning unharmed.

My thoughts: I was very much looking forward to this film and I was not disappointed. If you're into conspiracy theories, especially those that concern Black people this is the film for you. Have you ever wonder why there is a liquor store, gun/pawn store, or strip club in every predominantly black neighborhood? Or why Black people love fried chicken? Or why does society like Black women to straighten their hair? Because it's it's all connected! Everything! 😂

This film was brilliantly written and acted by the actors. It cleverly used black tropes and stereotypes to tell an engaging and entertaining story. This movie felt like an adventure in the hood; think the Goonies but only with Black people and much sinister undertones.

This was a fun movie that I enjoyed a lot. I look forward to what next from this new director, Juel Taylor.

I highly recommend this film. On Netflix now.

Grade: 🅰️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

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