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Things To Think About…

A few examples from a very long list of things I do not take personal 🧐:

● When a stranger doesn't greet me back. (Everybody isn't friendly.)

● When a friend's "I'm gonna call you back" takes a week, a month or more. (Hey, life happens.)

● Other people's opinions. (We're all entitled to it. You may not like mine, which is okay, too.)

● Someone's victory over my own. (Congrats to you. My time isn't now.)

● What the next person is doing. Period. (That's their lane, their business.)

Not taking things personal and being unbothered is a selective caring mechanism I've adopted to help me focus on what's important to me. Some things, off top, aren't worth the energy or upset, so I let it be.

May you live, laugh and love and not take things personal, too. 🙃😜

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