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Who is the GOAT, Lil Wayne or Jay Z? by Marlon McCaulsky

Everybody likes who they like. Both artists are great; some even say legendary.

If you're a rapper and have a chance to get a feature from one of them on your song... and you're trying to think who will make the more significant impact...

The obvious choice is Jay-Z.

If you want Lil Wayne on the song, that's cool. It would be a great feature and a nice piece.

But if Jay-Z gives you a verse, it's no longer a feature.

It's an EVENT.

It's what everybody is talking about. Your song will be reviewed and discussed by every Music-related outlet worldwide. The streams you get will be in the billions, with people wanting to hear what Jay said in your song.

You don't believe me? Ask DJ Khaled. Did anyone care about his song "God Did" until they heard the Jay-Z verse? No, they didn't. The music is now known as HOV DID.

The same could be said for any song that Jay. Z's been featured for the last five years or so. Just ask Rick Ross or Meek Mill. A Jay-Z verse is instant platinum status.

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