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Who is Travis Whitaker

Repost from Black Petal Theatre Group

Travis Whitaker, NJ native, began his acting journey in 2010. He has recently played the role of Wesley Van Washington in Sassy Mammas with the Black Spectrum Theatre in Queens, where he earned his first Audelco Award for best ensemble performance. Prior to that, he was cast for the role of Peterson in A Soldier's Play, George Murchison in A Raisin in the Sun, Black Nativity, and Never, Never Stop Dreaming. Since then, Travis played a recurring character in web series Cold Summer on YouTube, and has booked his first feature horror film, “The Dwellers” (releasing 2019). Mr. Whitaker loves to workout, play sports, and is intrigued with entrepreneurship while motivating the young people to create a positive life.

You can catch him playing Brenton Williams in Austin this May!

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