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Wonderful Casting Decisions that Fans Hated by Marlon McCaulsky

It's like clockwork whenever a studio announces a certain actor is playing a certain role especially in comic book films, some fans lose their mind. They say that so and so can't possibly be that character because that's not who I see in my head. That's because the film your head is not the film that the screenplay writer or director wrote. Everybody thinks they know who complain which part the best. But that is folly, because you don't know what the screenwriter has written. It might be a totally different type of interpretation needed for certain role.

As perfect as Jack Nicholson was in the 1989 Batman he would not have been appropriate for the 2008 Dark Knight. Heath Ledger as brilliant as his Joker was it would not have worked in the Joaquin Phoenix Joker film. Two different but brilliant performances but only appropriate for the films that they were in.

Although sometimes the fans do get it right when they hate on a actor after being cast in a role. Jessie Eisenberg as Alexander 'Lex' Luthor Jr. was a horrible decision. But for the most part fans get it wrong.

For Example, Ben Affleck can't play Batman he's totally wrong for that part. Then he does BvS and becomes probably the most comic book accurate Batman on screen to date.

Everyone that underestimated Robert Pattinson as Batman was sadly mistaken.

Chris Evans: they got the goofy guy that played Johnny Storm the Human Torch to be Captain America? This is going to suck.

Years later, Chris Evans owns the role of Captain America.

Heath Ledger: they got the guy that played the gay cowboy in Brokeback Mountain to be the Joker? He's going to ruin the Joker forever. Until this day he is regarded as the GREATEST JOKER EVER.

Michael Keaton: he gonna be Batman? The guy that played Mr. Mom? He's too short. He's never gonna be a good Batman. He's iconic in the role.

Hugh Jackman: who the hell is this guy? He's from Australia? Wolverine is from Canada and is 5"3, thick built; in the comic books! Hugh Jackman is 6"2 he's too tall and skinny to be Wolverine! He's gonna suck! Been playing the role for over 20 years.

Gal Godot: she's too skinny to be Wonder Woman! She can't act! She'll never be a good Wonder Woman! Now most people can't picture anybody else but her in the role.

What's the common theme here? Fan's know very little about casting a film. The director knows what he wants for the role and have audition lot's of actor's for the part and saw something in his performance they like. So relax and wait for a trailer. Then watch the movie. Even if you don't like the actor playing a role relax they're going to get recast eventually.

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