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You People Movie Review by Marlon McCaulsky


Synopsis: A new couple and their families reckon with modern love amid culture clashes, societal expectations and generational differences.

My Thoughts: Why? Just why? Why did I waste two hours of my life watching this? I know why. Because this film has a lot of my favorite actors in it. Lauren London, Jonah Hill, Eddie Murphy, Nia Long, are all good actors on a medicore film. "You People" has an outstanding cast and plenty of comedic potential -- both mostly wasted on a picture that is so cringey to sit through.

Kenya Barris has a particular type of humor that works in shows like "Blackish" but misses in this. This film is a love story that dives into family dynamics amidst clashing cultures, and societal expectations. This film is trying to do to much while not doing any one thing successfully.

First of all I never felt ANY chemistry between Jonah and Lauren's characters. They seemed like good friends and not lovers who had anything in common. Both of the families were extreme stereotypes of Muslim and Jewish themes. And while there were a few funny moments. (Eddie Murphy tried) the script they had wasn't good enough. I found myself struggling to get through this. I was constantly looking at the time remaining in the film hoping it would be over soon. This was a narrative structure, cemented on themes incapable of being supported by its weak skeleton, results in a succession of clichés and frivolous racial animosities with nothing new to say. Yes two interracial families coming together have some awkwardness but not this cringey extreme.

The only thing that keep me watching was that I loved the cast, I just wish they were in a better film. This isn't the worst film I ever watched but it wasn't good either.

Watch this if you want.

Grade: 🅳 ⭐️⭐️

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