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Mark MC is a New Jersey native who started to build his internet presence in 2004 with an online magazine that featured financial information, social commentary, and insightful lifestyle articles. He then later started a podcast in 2008 that was centered around current events and entertainment news. The appeal for Mark's type of delivery is that he is always going to give it to you no chaser and broken down in a way that exposes the full 360 degrees and analyzed while combining that with his charm and witty personality, this ensures an informative and entertaining opinion.

Countryside Road

I got a chance to take a trip to a small southern town. Small meaning population around 2000. One stoplight in the entire town, One motel, a few stores, and a gas station. And then there were a few car washes there as let me clear, most people from the north would think car wash..$1.00 vacuums, high-pressure sprayers, and vending machines to get your various car detailing tools. But these "car wash" are nothing more than an old building, a garden hose, and a wet-vac. They run a little water on the car and most of the cleaning comes from someone taking their time and using good ole fashion elbow grease until the spots are gone.  The customers come from all over the small town to get a car wash. But it's much much more than that... it's the spot, a hangout, a place to just be, not worrying about much for the next few hours. Reminding themselves it's the weekend, NO WORK, she's home with the kids, a beer or two with the boys, talk trash to one another, show off, and take pride in the things that have...Again, they are not worrying about what's out of their hands, what's in the distance, living for the moment, appreciating what they have, and taking great pride in that. They know their lives and what they can do and cannot. I'll admit, I had a bit of a struggle getting to understanding what exactly was going on around me. There are so many things that we endure in life in the so-called city that just completely detaches us from being. Some good, some not so good, something we've just accepted as normal when it's not. Life can be hard, learning to adapt to surroundings and certain situations is a blessing and a curse. These things are great life tools, but not to the point where they become our nature...our will...our way of life. They should be JUST TOOLS. Our main existence...being able to take that city and turn it to a 1 light town...a car wash with a garden hose...a corner store...YEAH, THAT PART!

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