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One of the greatest lessons that adults need to learn is meeting people where they are and to stop writing friends off for being themselves. This whole "we aren't friends because they didn't check on me or they didn't support me" or they “never reach out first” or “they got time to do this with them” narrative is so lame. 😒

Women and men are out here struggling to just stay above water every second of every day, fighting their own demons. Some just HIDE it better than others.

There are people out here trying to balance their lives while going through major depression, financial trouble, family trouble, relationship trouble, health issues, work issues, deaths and mental illness...and they are supposed to constantly check in on YOU to be your friend? 🤨

My friendship doesn't have requirements. It doesn't have guidelines or quotas. As long as it's organic, unforced, real and NON-TOXIC, you will forever have my love and support. 💗


A Grown Woman

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