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Author Spotlight: Hood Chronicles

Born on the westside of Chicago, Hood Chronicles found himself conditioned to the violence surrounding him at an early age. After witnessing abuse, domestic violence, and murder, his mother decided to relocate down south to Georgia. College Park may have been a breath of fresh air to her, but for him, his new home on Godby Road presented the same horrific sights as the Illinois streets. Coming of age, Hood found himself dabbling in the drug trade to earn extra money. Things were going well until he found a crackhead's knife at his teenage throat. Robbed of all of his money and drugs, Hood vowed never to leave himself vulnerable again. With a newfound passion for guns, he couldn't avoid the violence from which his mother attempted to save him. Facing the death penalty, Hood Chronicles fought for a lighter sentence that would grant him some opportunity to rectify his ways. While incarcerated, he began to write about his life in the streets and the pitfalls of reckless conduct. From a thug to a respected voice in the literary world, Hood Chronicles is now more focused than ever. Journey with him as he shares his pain, experiences, and wisdom through stories of triumph and tragedy. As one of the most prolific and diverse Urban literature authors of this age, Hood challenges you to enter his creative world of danger, suspense, eroticism, and all-out street grit!

KG: What is one word to best describe your writing style?

HC: Cocaine. I say this because cocaine is versatile, non-bias, and as destructive as it is powerful. Cocaine can appear as soft as salt and as sweet as sugar yet, snowball into the avalanche that takes you for one hell of a ride! That's my writing style. Smooth, rude, and with just the right amount of attitude.

KG: Who is the target audience for readers of your work?

HC: Women are my target audience. I would say those ladies 18 and up. The reason being, I was raised by the majority of women. Therefore, I depict strong female leads in my storylines that embody and reflect my surroundings as a child. Plus, I try to stress the importance of paying attention to what is deemed "women issues" by society. I believe many of them "world issues" because the way we treat women as secondary creatures undeniably plays a role in much of the chaos we see today. As men, we could take a page out of women's books and be less war-ready and more loving.

KG: Describe your writing life.

HC: I am unstable as fuck! Lol, I write whatever I feel at the moment. It could be romance, Street lit, etc. I'm unorthodox and unconventional. I believe that this industry is filled with artists that folks try to box into one category. Not I! I'm currently working on four books at once, and they are all in different genres. I go with the story that calls to me that day and writes till it's time to drop my pen.

KG: What is your greatest literary accomplishment?

HC: Working with Wahida Clark and Shannon Holmes. They made me want to write in the beginning. I came upon Iceberg Slim and Donald Goines. Besides them, nobody was talking about the life I lived. That is what I thought until I picked up a Wahida and Shannon book. To write alongside them in their anthology was the validation I sought for myself.

KG: What has been the greatest lesson you've learned since becoming a published author, and advice would you give an aspiring author?

HC: I've learned what real friends are. I've lost many practitioners of friendship during this journey. I'm a very loyal individual, but I realized that loyalty to most is as real as unicorns. People who you thought would support you will hate on you. They'll stay down with you as long as it's beneficial for them. My advice, fuck what anybody thinks about your movement. Do what you feel is best, but think three times before making any one decision. Your dream isn't for others to see. They see their shit, and the closer you get to achieving yours only reminds them how far away they are from theirs. Be humble, but still, pop yo shit!

KG: Tell me about your latest release and what made you write it.

HC: My latest release was already being written, but I lost someone close to me during the process. She was like a sister to me, and Covid claimed her life. Ebonee Abby was a wife, mother, lupus survivor, and stand-up boss chick! Losing her had a significant impact on me and motivated me to continue my story about a chocolate chick that reminded me of my sis. She a gangsta, and bout her issue.

KG: How has Covid19 affected your literary career?

HC: As aforementioned, Covid took someone dear to me. That made me mad, frustrated, and when I get in my feelings, I produce some of my best work. Covid was a gift and a curse for me.

KG: What are some other projects that you are working on besides being an author?

HC: I have ghostwritten over 30 books for other authors, finishing up my first film and exploring opportunities as an entrepreneur. I got a big ass bag to chase!

KG: Lastly, what book did you read that made you fall in love with reading?

HC: Trickbaby by Iceberg Slim. It painted a vivid picture of the intricate details of the con game. Likewise, it brought the parallel worlds of black and white together in a way that was so creative and gritty all in one. Everyone likes to give Donald Goines praise, but Iceberg will always be the KING of urban lit... So I guess I will have to settle for being the PRINCE until the death of me.

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