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Awww Damn Kanyeeeeee!

Hold up wait a freakin' minute.... I know dag on well Kanye West, the same man that wrote "Jesus Walks" did not say "400 years of slavery seemed like a choice". Throw his behind back!! We don't want him. Okay, seriously, I know that freedom of speech is a constitutional right, but I did not expect him to behave this way. Let's just say I'm shocked. Then, again, nothing surprises me anymore since much artist support Trump. I am truly convinced that Yeezy is in the sunken place without a teacup in sight. I am really shaking my head.

Furthermore, Kanye's new album is about to drop. Could this be for publicity? Absolutely!!!

I mean come on.... We all loved him when we thought he was bringing back hip hop ... But now it seems he let his American Dream lie down and die like a raisin in the sun.

Man, I hope Kanye gets it together before his Black Card is officially revoked...

Amy who, let me get offline and go woosah

#KanyeWest #WhatAScumBag #Smh #DonaldTrump #GetOut #TheSunkenPlace

#Yikes #RealityBytes


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