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Feel Inspired

Feeling Inspired. Go with me on this, Beautiful Ones.

It’s been a while since I wrote like this

Been a while since the flow finally fit

Like a pair of leather pants

Wanna dance?

With me?

Please do…

Life’s been real tough




Minions, trying to run things

Clueless, foolish, or ignorant


Self-proclaimed experts

Social media got folks swayed

Base media struggling to skew news

Keep your fiction

I write it better

Take you out of this world

Underground, On a beach

An office, a laboratory

Mixing up my special words

For your reading pleasure

Get lost, don’t need a map


Siri can’t save you

Be careful in the spiral

You might fall in love

With some regular cat, smothered in pain

Give him time, love him well

Watch him heal

See him grow

Expect the best as he learns himself again

And he’ll give you more than you ever expected

Don’t attempt to flip my view

It ain’t about you

Read what’s there, let it stand

If you gotta do all that

It may be time for a therapist

Caramel Jesus will check in

When you humble yourself

We justify too much these days

To the wrong audience

Waiting for them to take us off the hook

It won’t happen

The work is for you to do

I stand on these words

If my sword swing stung


Feel that and figure out what’s hurting you

So you can heal

And thrive!

For all the creatives, this is for you

Whatever you tap into, stay engaged

Ignore the negativity

No is not an option

Yes is all we hear

Find your tribe

Get that vibe

Surrender to the sacrifice!

The results will follow.


#poetry #Embue #nucherte

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